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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr Boyd Alan George Langman Veterinary Science 1956
Mr Brian Moss Veterinary Science 1956
Mr Alan Brayshaw Barraclough Veterinary Science 1956
Mr Geoffrey Patrick Doran Veterinary Science 1956
Professor Donald Lawrence Dungworth Veterinary Science 1956
Mr Michael Frank Nelson Etheridge Veterinary Science 1956
Mr Charles William Gibbons Veterinary Science 1956
Mr Frank William Sims Veterinary Science 1956
Miss Edith Anne Struthers Veterinary Science 1956
Mr James Clifford Stuart Veterinary Science 1956
Dr Gareth Hughes Medicine 1956
Dr Alfred Roger Mawdsley Anatomy 1956
Dr Patricia Elizabeth Scanlon Gaughan Medicine 1956
Professor David John Weatherall Medicine 1956
Mr Stuart Christie Law 1956
Mr Albert Hughes Electrical Engineering 1956
Mr Ian Charles Thornton Architecture 1956
Mrs Mary Harris Huntington Bachelor of Arts 1956
Professor Derek Harold William Poole Architecture 1956
Miss Shelagh Grace Allen Physics/Mathematics 1956
Mrs Betty Hill Steventon Bachelor of Arts 1956
Mr Stephen Thomas Rogers Law 1956
Mr Patrick James Brennan Bachelor of Arts 1956
Professor David Ian Bateman Economics 1956
Professor Horace Charles Baker Thesis 1956
Mr Richard Brian Ellerbeck Hispanic Studies 1956
Dr Conal Gallagher Medicine 1956
Mr Francis Joseph Jones French 1956
Mr Bernard Pinnington 1956
Mr Geoffrey James Mobsby Mechanical Engineering 1956
Lord Donald James Nicholls Law 1956
Mr John Arthur Noble Geography 1956
Mrs Muriel Snazell Bachelor of Arts 1956
Mr George Philip Spruce Law 1956
Mr Jerrold Samuel Vickers Bachelor of Science 1956
Mrs Ann Veronica Mee Mail Bachelor of Science 1956
Mrs Lorna Thomas Ordinary Degree 1956
Mr George Ross Dalziel Porteous Law 1956
Dr Kenneth Jones Medicine 1956
Mrs Sheila May Williams Roberts Bachelor of Science 1956
Mrs Pauline Theodora Crowe Wilson French & German 1956
Mrs Elizabeth Bowden Ellerton Hispanic Studies 1956
Mr John Charles McCaskie Mechanical Engineering 1956
Mr Peter Arthur Atkinson Civil Engineering 1956
Mr Leslie Green Electric Power Engineering 1956
Mr John Benjamin Owens Electronic Engineering 1956
Dr Michael Eric Bryan Electronic Engineering 1956
Mr Raymond Kemp Mechanical Engineering 1956
Mr Derek James Wardle Mechanical Engineering 1956
Mr Ronald Templeton Bachelor of Arts 1956
Mr Frank Smith Geography 1956
Mr Malcolm Cook Geography 1956
Mr P Kennedy Chemistry 1956
Emeritus Professor Alan Astbury Physics 1956
Mr Bernard Ashton Architecture 1956
Mr Ian Harold Scott Becker Architecture 1956
Mr David Forster Wicks Architecture 1956
Mr Jeffrey Marshall Bachelor of Science 1956
Dr Roamana Anna Januszewska Szymanska Medicine 1956
Mr Howard Charles Magee Dentistry 1956
Mr Alan Parker Chemistry 1956
Mrs Patricia Ball Derbyshire Bachelor of Arts 1956
Dr Warren Durrant Medicine 1956
Derek Wainwright Fielding Civic Design 1956
Mr Philip John Higson History 1956
Mr Warwick Henry George Housden Architecture 1956
Dr Alan Kirby Medicine 1956
Dr Malcolm McChesney Doctor In Philosophy 1956
Dr Donald Bland Mossman Medicine 1956
Dr Terence Walter Murphy Medicine 1956
Dr John Francis Pennock Biochemistry 1956
Dr David Josephus Pollock Medicine 1956
Mr Neil Mayoh Richardson Chemistry 1956
Ms Ruth Margaret Tancock Science General Student 1956
Dr Peter French Teebay Medicine 1956
Dr John Thorpe Ordinary Degree 1956
Dr Charles Arthur Veys Medicine 1956
Dr Ann Christian Cross Young Medicine 1956
Mr John Charles Blackburn Bachelor of Science 1956
Mr Ian Cecil Bennett Dental Surgery 1956
Roy Bowcock Science General Student 1956
Dr Roy Frank Beckett Medicine 1956
Mrs Margaret Ann Bergel Barr French 1956
Mr Peter Mayall Bamford Architecture 1956
Mr Philip Coxon Science General Student 1956
Dr Harold James Peter Diggory Medicine 1956
Dr Cynthia Joan Discombe Remington-Hobbs Medicine 1956
Maria Veronica Garvey Hispanic Studies 1956
Dr Brian Joseph Hawe Medicine 1956
Mr Neville Sidney Hewitt Science General Student 1956
Dr Ian Wynne Hughes Medicine 1956
Dr Joseph Jacobs Jakobovites Medicine 1956
Mr Brian Frederick Johnson German 1956
Dr John Kelly Medicine 1956
Dr Derek Gordon Land Doctor In Philosophy 1956
Mr John Andrew Howard Ogdon Master of Arts 1956
Mr Terence William O'Keeffe Physics 1956
Dr Pauline Mary Bell Sechiari Park Medicine 1956
Mr Ian Prestt Science General Student 1956
Mr William Arthur Lisle Thompson Orthopaedic Surgery 1956
Dr Richard Anthony Walmsley Medicine 1956
Norma Maria Walshe English Language & Literature 1956
Ms Stella White Mathematics 1956
Leonard James Whitfield Mechanical Engineering 1956
Dr John David Williams Medicine 1956
Dr John Gifford Winwick Medicine 1956
Dr Abdul Afyz de Moronke Hardy Medicine 1956
Dr Marguerite Jacklyn Williams Medicine 1956
Dr Brian George Audley Biochemistry 1956
Dr Erika Marianne Adler Worthington Medicine 1956
Dr Emmanuel Oswald Obadai Arbenser Medicine 1956