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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Dr John Sanford Veterinary Science 1955
Mr Alwyn Vaughan Veterinary Science 1955
Dr Wendy Anne Beryl Allen Fairhurst Medicine 1955
Mr Robert William Boyd Veterinary Science 1955
Mr Ben Arthur Wallace Caldwell Veterinary Science 1955
Mr Norman Chandler Veterinary Science 1955
Mr Richard Keith Evans Veterinary Science 1955
Mr John Greenwood Veterinary Science 1955
Dr Pamela Anne Casson Deane Medicine 1955
Dr John Lewis Crane Medicine 1955
Mr Alan Scott Wallis Veterinary Science 1955
Mr Thomas Melville Howard Walters Veterinary Science 1955
Professor Patrick Anthony Foster Anaesthesia 1955
Professor Rodney Harris Anatomy 1955
Dr James Devaney Jones Medicine 1955
Dr Donald Clive Kendrick Psychology 1955
Dr Gwendoline Mary Leavesley Clayton Medicine 1955
Dr Sheila Gertrude Maddock Medicine 1955
Dr Muriel Grace Sykes Robinson Medicine 1955
Mr David Lucien Harris Law 1955
Mrs Jean Kelly Percy Geography 1955
Dr William Caplan Medicine 1955
Mr Christopher Fyson Stell Architecture 1955
Mr Alfred Ian Edmund Glaister Veterinary Science 1955
Mr Copely Veterinary Science 1955
Mr Anthony Peter Freeman Veterinary Science 1955
Mr John Francis Perons Law 1955
Mrs Audrey Kelbrick Pritchard Certificate in Social Science 1955
Mr Ian Giffard Weatherston Whyte Law 1955
Mr John McGlashan Law 1955
Mr Colin Gillibrand Wiggans Geography 1955
Mrs Edna Marsh Murphy Mathematics 1955
Mr Edward George Murphy Physics 1955
Mr Leslie Gregory History 1955
Mr John Brian Kershaw Civil Engineering 1955
Mr Marriott 1955
Mr Edward Alan Pointon Smith Bachelor of Science 1955
Mr Peter John Walker Architecture 1955
Professor Harry Sin-yang Fang Orthopaedic Surgery 1955
Mr Bryan Malcolm Hewitt Law 1955
Mrs Jean Morrison Ingham Geography 1955
Mr Philip David John Scoones Electric Power Engineering 1955
Mr James William Bell Geography 1955
Professor Eric Moonman Social Studies 1955
Mr Peter Richard Shepherd Veterinary Science 1955
Professor Geoffrey Barber-Riley Physiology 1955
Mr Jack Rothwell Veterinary Science 1955
Mr Eric Clatworthy Chemistry 1955
Dr James Archibald Ballantine Chemistry 1955
Sheroo Darabsha Bharucha Orthopaedic Surgery 1955
Mr John Francis William Exworthy Ordinary Degree 1955
Ms Joyce Kathleen Harrop Bachelor of Arts 1955
Ms Doreen Halliday Physics 1955
Ms Mary Robinson McIntyre Ordinary Degree 1955
Mr Ronald Plumb Law 1955
Mrs Brenda Mitchell Robinson Hispanic Studies 1955
Mr Richard William Rochester History 1955
Mr Thomas Anthony Harrison Woodcock Bachelor of Science 1955
Mr Tomasz Januszewski Architecture 1955
Dr Kenneth Richard James Hearne Ordinary Degree 1955