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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Dr Michael William Dixon Biochemistry 1954
Mr Ernest Haworth Veterinary Science 1954
Dr Derek William Tavernor Veterinary Science 1954
Mr Glyn Sanders Veterinary Science 1954
Mr John Paul Cavill Veterinary Science 1954
Dr Rendle Lomax Cornwell Veterinary Science 1954
Dr Robin John Gordon Downie Medicine 1954
Mr James Crosby Hindson Veterinary Science 1954
Mr Alan Irving Wright Veterinary Science 1954
Dr Ronald Finn Medicine 1954
Dr Derek Harold Goldsmith Medicine 1954
Dr Patricia Olive Gunn Grundy Medicine 1954
Dr Anne Diana Kellner Micah Medicine 1954
Dr Leonard Ratoff Medicine 1954
Dr Henry Savage Medicine 1954
Dr Ronald Stanley Todd Medicine 1954
Dr Neville Christopher Woodier Medicine 1954
Dr Reginald Angelo Yorke Medicine 1954
Dr Michael Pugh Thomas Zoology 1954
Sir Peter Gilmour Noto Badge Law 1954
Mr Geoffrey Butcher Veterinary Science 1954
Mrs Patricia Edwards Taylor Veterinary Science 1954
Dr Bernard Hayes Veterinary Science 1954
Mr Gerald David Lowe Veterinary Science 1954
Dr Norman Trevor Burnett Medicine 1954
Mr Roger Dunstan Curtis Civil Engineering 1954
Mr Gordon Christison Lindsay Law 1954
Mr George Stanley Bentley Electric Power Engineering 1954
Mr Robert Graham Bromiley Architecture 1954
Mr Donald Smart Pringle Mechanical Engineering 1954
Mr James William Joseph Baker Dentistry 1954
Mr Ronald Arthur Chisholm Civil Engineering 1954
Mrs Brenda Russell Poole Howourth Bachelor of Arts 1954
Mr Robert Greenwell 1954
Mr Alan Dennis Kelly Geography 1954
Mr Norman Michael Kelly Civil Engineering 1954
Reverend Norman Everard Lempriere Civil Engineering 1954
Dr Stephen Waywell McLintock Chemistry 1954
Mr Ronald William Moore Civil Engineering 1954
Mrs Pamela Wendy Newton Lambert Geography 1954
Dr Geoffrey Parry 1954
Mr Henry Rigby Pure Mathematics(SES) 1954
Mr Stone 1954
Dr Philip Kenneth Wilson Medicine 1954
Dr Dennis William Stainer Bachelor of Science 1954
Professor Malcolm William Francis Quantrill 1954
Mr Geoffrey Norman Ash Veterinary Science 1954
Mrs Patricia Jackson Bachelor of Arts 1954
Mr James Edwin Dodgson Architecture 1954
Mr Bernard Bucknall Wright Law 1954
Dr Maurice Wilson Fowles Medicine 1954
Mr Robin MacDonald English Language & Literature 1954
Mrs Margaret Allen Bourner German 1954
Dr Duncan Joseph Greenwood Chemistry 1954
Mrs Valerie Grant Globe Law 1954
Reverend James Stuart Casson German 1954
Dr Philip Rodney Brown Geology 1954
Mrs Josephine Murgatroyd Briggs Ordinary Degree 1954
Professor Sydney Lawrence Dixon Mechanical Engineering 1954
Mr James Francis Nacey Physics 1954
Dr Michael James Arthur Britten Medicine 1954
Dr Mary McBride Gregson Medicine 1954
Dr Ian Keith Brown Medicine 1954
Dr John Michael Barry Veterinary Science 1954
Dr James Stanley Comaish Medicine 1954
Dr William Arthur Cummins Geology 1954
Ms Agatha Brown English Language & Literature 1954
Mr John Callaghan Metallurgy 1954
Mr David Wilson Cross Architecture 1954
Ms Margaret Mary Dromgoole Ordinary Degree 1954
Dr Henry Barton Hilton Medicine 1954
Mr Geoffrey Tunnah Higson Civic Design 1954
Dr Eric Holmes Medicine 1954
Ms Margaret Anne Lewis Bachelor of Arts 1954
Dr Christopher Lancaster Imison Medicine 1954
Ms Joyce MacLeod Ordinary Degree 1954
Dr Hugh Mortimer Pollard Bachelor of Education 1954
Dr Harold Page Organic Chemistry 1954
Mr David Neave Skinner Architecture 1954
Mr Peter Henry Stone Mechanical Engineering 1954
Dr Bryan Allen Tozer Ordinary Degree 1954