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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Dr Samuel John Alltree Medicine 1953
Mr Hector Stuart Adams Veterinary Science 1953
Dr Robert Stanley Hedger Veterinary Science 1953
Mr Michael Kennion Lloyd Veterinary Science 1953
Mrs Pamela Fennell Owen Robinson Veterinary Science 1953
Dr Kenneth George Corless Electrical Engineering 1953
Dr Ian Valentine Lishman Medicine 1953
Dr Peter John James Wren Medicine 1953
Professor Verna Wright Medicine 1953
Mr Ian Thomas Maxwell Davis Architecture 1953
Mr Anthony Joseph Hartley Physics/Mathematics 1953
Dr Dora Grace Roberts Jones Bachelor of Science 1953
Professor Eric Gradwell Brown Biochemistry 1953
Mr John James Andrews Chemistry 1953
Mr Neville Stapleton Kiernan Veterinary Science 1953
Mr Henry Ewart Ritchie Veterinary Science 1953
Mr Gilbert Colin Vickers Veterinary Science 1953
Dr Fred Hewitt Medicine 1953
Mr Frank Neal Morphet Electrical Engineering 1953
Mr Francis John Carroll Electrical Engineering 1953
Mr Thomas James Arkwright Law 1953
Mr James Keith Gentles Bachelor of Science 1953
Dr Leo Joseph Carroll Civil Engineering 1953
Mrs Elizabeth Doreen Coakley McWilliam Bachelor of Arts 1953
Dr Audrey Couch Beavan Medicine 1953
Dr Norman Francis Cunningham Bachelor of Science 1953
Mr Max Dover Commerce 1953
Dr Pamela Rita Dover Lipman Medicine 1953
Mr John Edward Littler Mechanical Engineering 1953
Mr Norman H Bickerdike Electrical Engineering 1953
Mr John Rigby Waterworth Electrical Engineering 1953
Mr Burnett Harrison Clarke Mechanical Engineering 1953
Mrs Anita Margaret Pearson Social Science 1953
Miss Clare Mary Gallagher English Language & Literature 1953
Mr Peter Lowden Griffiths Commerce 1953
Mr Geoffrey William Jellis Bachelor of Science 1953
Dr William Everett Parish Veterinary Science 1953
Dr Max Pearson Medicine 1953
Mr John Edward Powell Electrical Engineering 1953
Emeritus Professor Gareth Edward Roberts Architecture 1953
Mr Derek Charles Ryan 1953
Mrs Margaret Edith Smith Bibby Bachelor of Arts 1953
Dr Richard Ian Smith Medicine 1953
Mr Stanley Neville Syder 1953
Mr Gerald Edward Taylor Civil Engineering 1953
Mr Brian Hugh Thompson Bachelor of Arts 1953
Dr Jack Vernon Biochemistry 1953
Mr Cyril George Whitfield Architecture 1953
Dr Jack Wilcock 1953
Reverend Thomas Wilkinson Psychology 1953
Mr Geoffrey Moore Electrical Engineering 1953
Mr Philip Rawlinson Watters Law 1953
Mr Keppel Moore Simpson Electrical Engineering 1953
Dr Jim Parr Metallurgy and Materials Science 1953
Dr Alan Hamilton Cruickshank Medicine 1953
Mr John Vincent Shennan 1953
Mr Harry Tishler Mechanical Engineering 1953
Mr Douglas William Martin Dental Surgery 1953
Mr Neil Taylor Civil Engineering 1953
Dr David Henry Alltree Medicine 1953
Mr Roy Howard Owen Architecture 1953
Mr William Howard Blackburn Law 1953
Dr Malcolm Henry Dean Chemistry 1953
Mr Derek Burgess Bachelor of Science 1953
Dr Michael Anthony Ropes Eslick Medicine 1953
Mr Edward David Deirne Riley Veterinary Science 1953
Mrs Isabel Margaret Kiernan Keir Social Science 1953
Mr Maurice James Walton Architecture 1953
Mr Alan Samuels Dental Therapy 1953
Mr Robin Darker Butterell Architecture 1953
Mr David Alan Capper Law 1953
Mr John Raymond Capper History 1953
Mr Hubert Joseph Michael Croghan Law 1953
Mr Peter Geoffrey Daniel Architecture 1953
Mr Derek John Winch Architecture 1953
Mr Grahame Otto Hauser Architecture 1953
Dr Doris Lindsey Psychology 1953
Dr Gwladys Eira Pennant James Williams Ordinary Degree 1953
Mr Franklyn Miller Commerce 1953
Dr Kathleen McKee Ordinary Degree 1953
Ms Jean Mary Armour Oswald French 1953
Dr Donald Crichton French Ordinary Degree 1953
Mr Thomas Bernard Staples Ordinary Degree 1953
Ms Phyllis Margaret Steele Bachelor of Arts 1953
Dr Terence James Barnett Anatomy 1953