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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mrs Elizabeth Joy Castle Bailey Veterinary Science 1952
Mr Anthony James Crowley Veterinary Science 1952
Mr John Anthony Benson Veterinary Science 1952
Mr Frank Richard Booth Veterinary Science 1952
Mr Richard Alun Jones Veterinary Science 1952
Mr James Edward Morris Veterinary Science 1952
Dr Stephen James Hargreaves Medicine 1952
Dr Sidney Henry Hoddes Medicine 1952
Dr Raymond Peter Hoskinson Medicine 1952
Dr James Duncan Wright Medicine 1952
Dr Arthur Stewart Binnie Medicine 1952
Dr Henry Myers Alty Dentistry 1952
Mr John Ernest Monkhouse Cooper Dentistry 1952
Mr David Thomas Emrys Bowen Veterinary Science 1952
Mr Gwilym Prys Davies Veterinary Science 1952
Mr Thomas David Morgan Veterinary Science 1952
Mr Peter William Unsworth Veterinary Science 1952
Dr Norman Wignall Medicine 1952
Mr John Millar Mechanical Engineering 1952
Mr Arthur Leslie Jones Diploma in Education 1952
Dr John Scrivener Birch Medicine 1952
Mr Laurence Frank Bradley Civil Engineering 1952
Mr Arthur Grosvenor Aldersey-Williams Architecture 1952
Emeritus Professor Howard Godfrey Allen Civil Engineering 1952
Mrs Constance Margaret Bacon Clarke Bachelor of Arts 1952
Mr Geoffrey Frank Bannister Law 1952
Mr C M Dean Architecture 1952
Mrs Dorothy Taylor Sylvester Bachelor of Arts 1952
Professor Maurice Broady Social Science 1952
Mr Michael Gordon Corkill Law 1952
Mrs Yvonne Barbara Lillian Morris Beck English Language & Literature 1952
Mrs Elizabeth Jean Mowle Walsh Biochemistry 1952
Mr John Essery Ellis Law 1952
Mr James Forde-Johnston Bachelor of Arts 1952
Mrs Doris Margaret Houghton Pigot Law 1952
Mr Edward Houghton Law 1952
Dr Arnold Kellett French 1952
Reverend Canon Dennis Charles Kelly Bachelor of Arts 1952
Dr George Maurice Lancaster 1952
Dr Alexander McDonald Laylee Medicine 1952
Mr Geoffrey Hesketh Lewis Civil Engineering 1952
Dr Colin Ware Mitchell Master of Civic Design 1952
The Right Honourable Gordon James Oakes English Language & Literature 1952
Dr Frederick Peach Medicine 1952
Mrs Jean Ramsdale Bartlett Bachelor of Science 1952
Mrs Judith Mary E Ryan 1952
Mr Alan Frederick Lister Shaw Law 1952
Mr Alec Edgar Stables Bachelor of Science 1952
Lady Sybil Noreen Thompson 1952
Mrs Elizabeth Underwood Ramsdale Bachelor of Arts 1952
Mr Arthur Leslie Wallis Physics 1952
Dr David William Brading Woolven Medicine 1952
Mr George Leonard Close Law 1952
Mr Ronald Allen Kay Law 1952
Mr Geoffrey Frederick Woodward Architecture 1952
Dr Dorothea Ruth Etchells English Language & Literature 1952
Dr Arthur Edouard Goetzee Medicine 1952
Mr William H Thompson 1952
Mr Owen Davies Veterinary Science 1952
Dr William Mervyn Frederick Leat Biochemistry 1952
Professor Dennis Chapman Electronics 1952
Mr John Edward Pearson Physics And Mathematics 1952
Dr Frank Berry Medicine 1952
Dr David Alexander Pealing Cooke Medicine 1952
Dr Ronald Percival Sheldon Bachelor of Science 1952
Mr Samuel Alan Appleton Civil Engineering 1952
Mr Alan Richard Field Mechanical Engineering 1952
Mr Kenneth Hutton Civil Engineering 1952
Mr Cyril Jones Electrical Engineering 1952
Mr Alan D Longdon Mechanical Engineering 1952
Mr Charles R McCarthy Mechanical Engineering 1952
Mr Vincent O'Riley Electrical Engineering 1952
Mr Harry Padgett Civil Engineering 1952
Mr Gordon Victor Rollinson Civil Engineering 1952
Mr Frank Seddon Mechanical Engineering 1952
Mr John Brian Senior Mechanical Engineering 1952
Mr David Stoneman Civil Engineering 1952
Dr Peter Tunstall Nowell Pharmacology 1952
Mr John Daniel Duncan Civil Engineering 1952
Mrs Mary Isobel Shenton Tunnell Mathematics 1952
Dr John Hosker Medicine 1952
Mr Peter William Dawson Redmond Law 1952
Mr William Ronald Serjeant Archives & Record Management 1952
Mr Noel St. George Hyslop Veterinary Science 1952
Dr Henry Francis Valentine Riddle Physiology 1952
Dorine Ainsworth Ordinary Degree 1952
Mr Roland Billinge Ordinary Degree 1952
Mr Alan Golborne Dickinson Zoology 1952
Mr Daniel McKenzie Doherty Ordinary Degree 1952
Mr Neil Alexander Gordon Civic Design 1952
Mr Desmond Charles Hewitt Bachelor of Science 1952
Mr Harold Hornby Mathematics 1952
Dr William Gordon Lamberd Medicine 1952
Mr Kenneth William Ridley-Jones Jones Veterinary Science 1952
Dr Joseph Bernard Kenyon Medicine 1952
Ms Constance Joan Moore Geography 1952
Mr Ronald James Mackenzie Law 1952
Dr Ian McGilvray Medicine 1952
Dr Gordon Hanley Phillips Organic Chemistry 1952
Mr Bernard Philbin German 1952
Dr Vincent Rogers Medicine 1952
Mr Kenneth John Maurice Watson Orthopaedic Surgery 1952
Dr Margaret Agnes Linacre Fowler Zoology 1952