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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Dr Raymond Howard James Veterinary Science 1951
Mr Robert Gordon Roberts Veterinary Science 1951
Mr Peter Burleigh Clarke Veterinary Science 1951
Mr Donald Kenneth Edwards Veterinary Science 1951
Mr Kenneth Lewis Vaughan Veterinary Science 1951
Mr Albert James Woods Veterinary Science 1951
Dr Francis Roland Howell Medicine 1951
Dr William Mackintosh Mackean Medicine 1951
Dr Evan Patrick Medicine 1951
Dr Kenneth Walley Medicine 1951
Dr Ranger Michael Whelan Medicine 1951
Dr Robert Geoffrey Bainbridge Willis Medicine 1951
Mr Norman McConnell Physics 1951
Mr Jeffrey John Thomas Mechanical Engineering 1951
Canon Roger Austin Daley Law 1951
Professor Roger Arthur Burgess Architecture 1951
Mr William Eric Denny Law 1951
Mr Eric James Ellis Electrical Engineering 1951
Professor Robert Harry Johnson Veterinary Science 1951
Professor David Marshall Taylor Bachelor of Science 1951
Dr Thomas David Meurig Adams Medicine 1951
Mr Richard Irving 1951
Mr Kenneth Michael Kennedy Bachelor of Arts 1951
Mrs Ann Kirby Jones Bachelor of Arts 1951
Mr Alan Gordon Lovgreen French 1951
Mr Norman Charles Bernsen Bachelor of Arts 1951
Dr Terrence Joseph Dailey Medicine 1951
Miss Beryl Greaves Bachelor of Arts 1951
Mr Ewan George Blackledge Architecture 1951
Mrs Jean Mary MacLeay Newsome (HE)BAComb./English & French 1951
Dr Heather Graham Benson Mathews Medicine 1951
Mr Anthony Edmund Canavan 1951
Mr Ellis Clarke French 1951
Dr Kenneth Munro Fraser Medicine 1951
Mr Antony Dickinson Bachelor of Arts 1951
Mr Andrew Miles Blake Walker Commerce 1951
Dr Arthur Eric Green Physics/Mathematics 1951
Mr Roy Harrison Bachelor of Science 1951
Dr Raymond Heyworth Biochemistry 1951
Dr John Stuart Jones Medicine 1951
Mr Jones-Robinson 1951
Mr Alfred Grant Keiffer 1951
Mr Lewis 1951
Dr William Edward Lewis Medicine 1951
Dr John Kenneth Linacre Chemistry 1951
Mr Charles Kenneth Wilson Law 1951
Mr Raymond Osborne Morris Bachelor of Arts 1951
Mr David Francis Mowle Chemistry 1951
Mr Denis Anthony Norman Osborne Bachelor of Science 1951
Mr Leon Raphael Physical Chemistry 1951
Dr Wyn Lloyd Price Electrical Engineering 1951
Mr Gerard Aloysius Rimmer Bachelor of Science 1951
Mr Michael Aspinwall Sheppard Commerce 1951
Dr John Stanton Shirley-Quirk Bachelor of Science 1951
Dr Kenneth Arnold Smith Chemistry 1951
Mr Roy Galbraith Tanner 1951
Miss Maud Isabel Bradley Bachelor of Arts 1951
Dr Thomas Lyrian Hobday Medicine 1951
Dr Alan Graham Leaver 1951
Mr Wilfrid Francis Heyes Chemistry 1951
Dr Frank Seymour Medicine 1951
Mr Michael English Law 1951
Mrs Joyce Beryl Morgan Ashurst Geography 1951
Mr Anthony Moreton Dodd Law 1951
Mr Thomas Richard Prichard Electrical Engineering 1951
Mr Frank Nyland Law 1951
Dr Brendan Patrick Freeman Medicine 1951
Mr James Knowles Architecture 1951
Mr John Barfield Hispanic Studies 1951
Mrs Brenda Robinson Stansfield Zoology 1951
Mr Laurence Joseph Clancy Mathematics 1951
Mrs Enid Rowell Wortley 1951
Emeritus Professor John Frederick Raffle Physics 1951
Mr John Cedric Gosling Electrical Engineering 1951
Dr Amy Pauline Ridges Dale Biochemistry 1951
Mr William Raymond Aspin Electrical Engineering 1951
Dr Jean Dorothy Phillips Birtles Medicine 1951
Dr Kenneth Sargeant Chemistry 1951
Dr June Burger-Finch Morphet Medicine 1951
Dr Bernard J Fairhurst Medicine 1951
Dr J Terence Patton Medicine 1951
Mr Paul Ritter Architecture 1951
Mr Richard Colin Jones Bachelor of Science 1951
Mr William Pritchard Boyt Veterinary Science 1951
Dr John Gilbert Rigby Medicine 1951
Dr Sheila Mary Cochrane Medicine 1951
Mr John Headland Ayers Civil Engineering 1951
Dr Brian Gerard Haggart Medicine 1951
Dr Victor Ronald Tindall Medicine 1951
Dr John Harvey Green Medicine 1951
Mrs Mary Elizabeth Jackson Brundred Physics 1951
Mr William Stuart Armstrong Commerce 1951
Mr Edward Paul Dewhurst Latin 1951
Mr Peter Rowland Hodgkinson Architecture 1951
Mr John Codling Holt Ordinary Degree 1951
Mr Roy Kemp Norton Bachelor of Arts 1951
Mr Terence John O'Leary Hispanic Studies 1951
Mr Joseph Terence Rogan Bachelor of Arts 1951
Professor Geoffrey Sumner-Smith Veterinary Science 1951
Dr William John Stanley Medicine 1951
Dr Derek Whittaker Electrical Engineering 1951