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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Dr Frank Howard Beddow Medicine 1950
Captain John Fulton Harbourne Veterinary Science 1950
Mr John James King Veterinary Science 1950
Mr Richard David Locke Veterinary Science 1950
Mr Roy Moss Veterinary Science 1950
Canon Michael Harry Cross Veterinary Science 1950
Mr Philip James Noel Pinsent Veterinary Science 1950
Mr Harold Woodall Veterinary Science 1950
Mr Lewis Jessop Veterinary Science 1950
Mr Ceiriog Jones Veterinary Science 1950
Emeritus Professor Brendan Cunningham Veterinary Science 1950
Mrs Enid Davies Woolfenden Veterinary Science 1950
Mr Eric Forrest Veterinary Science 1950
Dr David Harvey Carr Medicine 1950
Dr William Keith Cowan Medicine 1950
Dr Kathleen Dalzell Byrne Medicine 1950
Dr Laurence Nightingale Owen Veterinary Science 1950
Mr William Gerald Parkinson Veterinary Science 1950
Dr James Parkhouse Medicine 1950
Dr Jean Alison England Raffle Medicine 1950
Dr Doreen Rippon Jacobs Medicine 1950
Dr Mona Viviette Rivlin Harris Medicine 1950
Dr Eric Toke Medicine 1950
Dr Betty Elaine Whitfield Hodgkinson Medicine 1950
Dr Harold Wilson Medicine 1950
Dr Brian Edmund Jennings Chemistry 1950
Mr William Martin Johnson Civil Engineering 1950
Mr Kevin Dominic Morris Ordinary Degree 1950
Professor Sir Joseph Rotblat Doctor of Philosophy 1950
Mrs Dyfi Gwenda Bateson Thomas 1950
Dr George Keith Benson 1950
Dr Eileen Patricia Oldham McLeavey Medicine 1950
Mr Robert Redman Potts Veterinary Science 1950
Mr Gordon Leam Veterinary Science 1950
Mr John MacDonald Veterinary Science 1950
Mr Maxwell Short Veterinary Science 1950
Mr John Goronwy Parry-Jones Jones Veterinary Science 1950
Mrs Sheila Margaret Robbins Veterinary Science 1950
Mr Geoffrey Broadhurst Stubbs Veterinary Science 1950
Mr John Clinton Twist Veterinary Science 1950
Dr Carl Wells Veterinary Science 1950
Mr Edward Vivian Westcott Veterinary Science 1950
Mr John Mason Black Civil Engineering 1950
Mrs Barbara Christine Cross Hughes History 1950
Mr Lawrence Donald Finch Biochemistry 1950
Professor James Alan Morrison Bell Architecture 1950
Mrs Josephine Ann Binney Saney Architecture 1950
Mr Robert William Burrows Civil Engineering 1950
Mr Patrick Charles Stanislau Byrne History 1950
Dr Winifred J A Francis Graham Medicine 1950
Dr Arthur Rimmer Physics/Mathematics 1950
Mr Rodney Foster Civil Engineering 1950
Mr John Philip Halliwell Architecture 1950
Mr James Arthur Houldsworth Bachelor of Arts 1950
Mr Alan Kirk Civil Engineering 1950
Mrs Barbara Grace Martin Gaffney French 1950
Dr James Mason Zoology 1950
His Honour Michael O'Donoghue Law 1950
Dr George Albert Jordan Pitt Bachelor of Science 1950
Mr Dennis Roscoe Bachelor of Science 1950
Mr Herbert Sidney Taylor Veterinary Science 1950
Mr William Laurence Town Electrical Engineering 1950
Mr Ronald Tushingham Physics 1950
Mr Roger Vaux Mechanical Engineering 1950
Mr Ronald Shaw Mechanical Engineering 1950
Mr John Stuart Macaulay Architecture 1950
Mr Vincent George Hutchinson Social Science 1950
Mr Arthur Fred Warner Bachelor of Engineering 1950
Professor Roy Storer Dentistry 1950
Dr John Thompson Medicine 1950
Mr Stanislaus Walter Goetzee Mathematics 1950
Mr Keith Theodore Williams Veterinary Science 1950
Mr David Charles Croft Veterinary Science 1950
Dr R Steinberg Medicine 1950
Mr Kenneth Walter Paterson Architecture 1950
Mrs Mary Elizabeth Roberts Wylie Bachelor of Arts 1950
Mr Harry Myers Electrical Engineering 1950
Dr Paget James Stanfield Medicine 1950
Mr Eric Gaskell French 1950
Mr Richard Victor Johnson Architecture 1950
Mr James Derek Bradley Civil Engineering 1950
Mr Michael J Collinson Civil Engineering 1950
Mr Philip Ayrton-Grime Veterinary Science 1950
Mr Peter Ernest Forster Veterinary Science 1950
Sir Maurice Flanagan Bachelor of Arts 1950
Mr Cedric Marsh Geography 1950
Sir James Frazer Stirling Architecture 1950
Mr Frederick Alexander Burls Mechanical Engineering 1950
Mrs Imelda Van de Waal Broadley French 1950
Dr John James Cameron Ordinary Degree 1950
Mr Ronald Hewart Berry Bachelor of Arts 1950
Mrs Shirley Hadley Dickson Bachelor of Arts 1950
Ms Joyce Elizabeth Emsley History 1950
Dr Sheila Helen Elizabeth Fairweather Medicine 1950
Dr Andrew Keith Frazer Ordinary Degree 1950
Mr Michael Morley Johnston Gammon Electrical Engineering 1950
Dr David Robert Wigston Haddock Medicine 1950
Mr Henry Roger Justin Lewis Law 1950
Mr John Ronald Livesley Electrical Engineering 1950
Dr Brenda Mary Dempsey Medicine 1950
Mr Arthur Robert Court Johnston Architecture 1950
Mr John Michael Jotcham Electrical Engineering 1950
Dr Mimi Keidan Ordinary Degree 1950
Dr William Melrose Medicine 1950
Dr Betty Margaret Marshall Organic Chemistry 1950
Mr Richard Anthony French Geography 1950
Mr James Donald Palmer German 1950
Ms Elizabeth Selwyn Richards Bachelor of Arts 1950
Dr Blodwen Eleanor Joyce Riding Roberts Medicine 1950
Mr Glyn Edward Roberts Architecture 1950
Dr Richard Williams Saul Ordinary Degree 1950
Mr Derek Shave Mathematics 1950
Dr Beryl Mary Evans Sheffield Medicine 1950
Mr Francis Brian Shorland Doctor of Science 1950
Ms Rina Haviva Sorsky Architecture 1950
Dr Ronald Steinberg Ordinary Degree 1950
Dr John Stuart Victor Surman Ordinary Degree 1950
Jack Edgar Rice Electrical Engineering 1950