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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Dr William Jonathan Brinley Morgan Veterinary Science 1949
Mr Leslie Randle Cottrell French 1949
Mr Anthony John Stevens Veterinary Science 1949
Mrs Barbara Grace Clarke Cayless Veterinary Science 1949
Dr Kenneth William Brewster Medicine 1949
Mr Felix Roy Gilbert Veterinary Science 1949
Mr Edward Griffith Veterinary Science 1949
Dr Wray Ellis Medicine 1949
Mrs Barbara Jean Nicol Barlow Veterinary Science 1949
Mr Peter Foy Perry Veterinary Science 1949
Mr John Bryn Rees Veterinary Science 1949
Dr Ronald John Fallon 1949
Dr Peter Burrows Medicine 1949
Dr Ronald Herbert Jones Medicine 1949
Dr Betsy Eirlys Lovely Davies Medicine 1949
Dr Dorothy Mary Roels Broadhurst Medicine 1949
Dr David Leonard Williams Medicine 1949
Mr Harry Andrew Oulton Civil Engineering 1949
Professor Lionel George Harrison Chemistry 1949
Mr Clifford William Atkin Geography 1949
Mr William Bacon Veterinary Science 1949
Mr Roy Forster Veterinary Science 1949
Mr John Greasley Veterinary Science 1949
Mr James Francis McGrath Veterinary Science 1949
Mr John Morris Veterinary Science 1949
Emeritus Professor John Oliver Letts King Veterinary Science 1949
Mr John William Dixon Hobley Law 1949
Mr Joseph Wanley Kennedy Physics 1949
Mr John Brynmor Jones Civil Engineering 1949
Mr William Edwyn Cain Electrical Engineering 1949
Mr Robert Matthew Foulds Botany 1949
Mr Arthur Cust Law 1949
Dr Norman Basil Dean Chemistry 1949
Mr Stanley Arthur Keeble Veterinary Science 1949
Dr Justin Solomon Endbinder Medicine 1949
Dr John Thomas Done Veterinary Science 1949
Mr Sidney George Fogg Chemistry 1949
Mr Eric Gerard Gearing Law 1949
Mr Ronald William Giddings Mechanical Engineering 1949
Mr Cyril Goldstein History 1949
Mrs Gloria Patricia Hooley Swanston Bachelor of Arts 1949
Mr Lawrence Roy Jones Geography 1949
Reverend Ronald William Kay Civil Engineering 1949
Mr John Joseph Marote Law 1949
Mr George Arthur Morley Law 1949
Dr William Ronald Parry Medicine 1949
Mr Stanley Law Pearson Dentistry 1949
Mr Pugh 1949
Mr Edward Taylor Ordinary Degree 1949
Dr James Calbeck Taylor Medicine 1949
Mr Hubert Eaton Walker Civil Engineering 1949
Mr Thomas William Marsh Bachelor of Arts 1949
Mrs Margaret Veronica Ryan Williams Zoology 1949
His Honour Alan Shore Booth Law 1949
Mr Dennis Stephen Papworth Bachelor of Science 1949
Dr Caradog Griffith Medicine 1949
Dr Harry Charles Newns Physics 1949
Mr Gordon Wallace Chemistry 1949
Mr John Edward Cooke Law 1949
Mr Raymond Pickstone Bachelor of Science 1949
Mr Eric Williams Mechanical Engineering 1949
Professor Patrick Gerard Walsh Greek and Latin 1949
Mr John Richard Gladding Law 1949
Mr Arthur Stead Electronic Engineering 1949
Emeritus Professor Bryan Jennett Medicine 1949
Mr Eric Michael Bottomley Architecture 1949
Mrs Golda Rebecca Steinberg Sackstein Biochemistry 1949
Mr Herbert Lomas English Language & Literature 1949
Mr Norman Keith Scott Architecture 1949
Mr Bryce Halliday Architecture 1949
Mr Alan Bunyard Parker Chemistry 1949
Professor Sid Eric Watkins Physiology 1949
Mr William Broome Bachelor of Science 1949
Sir Clifford Harry Grant Law 1949
Mr Reg Gwilliam History 1949
Judge John Alfred Shaw Law 1949
Mr Peter William John Moore Chemistry 1949
Mr David Kendall Cartwright Physics 1949
Mrs Shelagh Cowan Beckett English Language & Literature 1949
Dr Norman Stuart Heaps Mathematics 1949
Mr David Keith Brown Naval Architecture 1949
Mr Horace Corless Mechanical Engineering 1949
Ms Eleanor Marian Wyndham Crowe Architecture 1949
Mr Colin Ernest Lewer Allen Orthopaedic Surgery 1949
Mr John Graham Banner Ordinary Degree 1949
Ms Mary Veronica Dodd Law 1949
Dr Owen Lloyd Evans Ordinary Degree 1949
Mr John Victor Woollam Economics 1949
Mr George Ronald Williams Biochemistry 1949
Mr James Michael Fearon Heslop Electrical Engineering 1949
Dr Paul Halewood Chemistry 1949
Mr Harold Trevor Hughes Mechanical Engineering 1949
Dr Eric London Organic Chemistry 1949
Mr Eric Edward Jenkins Electrical Engineering 1949
Mr Roger Kirk Hayes Johnson Architecture 1949
Mr James Alexander Kirby English Language & Literature 1949
Mr Robert Wilfrid Kidd Mechanical Engineering 1949
Mr Aubrey Joseph Morris-Cohen English Language & Literature 1949
Mr Alastair Duncan Macintyre Ordinary Degree 1949
Professor Robert Millar Maxwell Architecture 1949
Mr Brian Carl Lloyd Nordgren Law 1949
Ms Elizabeth Mary Peacock Bachelor of Commerce 1949
Mr Graham Francis Albion Wilmot Geography 1949
Mr Robert William Radford Mechanical Engineering 1949
Mr Edward James Sarginson Civil Engineering 1949
Mr Kenneth Isaac Smith English Language & Literature 1949
Mr Paul Stoner Chemistry 1949
Dr Walter Twist Chemistry 1949
Mr David John Whittaker Geography 1949
Mr Archibald William James Watts Orthopaedic Surgery 1949