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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr Richard James Walker Veterinary Science 1948
Mr John Edward Broughton Veterinary Science 1948
Dr June Pope Arnold Medicine 1948
Mr James Allcock Veterinary Science 1948
Mr Thomas Fieldsend Bett Veterinary Science 1948
Dr Anthony Dalzell Medicine 1948
Dr John David Elliott Edwards Medicine 1948
Emeritus Professor David Alan Price Evans Evans Physiology 1948
Mr William James Harrison Veterinary Science 1948
Mr Robert Malcolm Riley Veterinary Science 1948
Dr John Frederick Lynch Medicine 1948
Dr Alexander Gordon Mackinnon Medicine 1948
Dr Millicent Regan Medicine 1948
Mr Michael Stanley Cohen Commerce 1948
Mr Richard Arthur Shaw Physics 1948
Miss Mary Easton Geography 1948
Mr Reginald Bark Griffiths Veterinary Science 1948
Dr Kenneth James Hill Veterinary Science 1948
Dr William Raymond Parkes Medicine 1948
Mr Gareth Madoc Jones Chemistry 1948
Emeritus Professor Richard Lawton Geography 1948
Reverend William Norman Leak Greek and Latin 1948
Mr Kenneth Johnson Brookfield Chemistry 1948
Dr Harry Dixon Cheetham Physiology 1948
Dr David James Burrows Ashley Medicine 1948
Mrs Margaret Audrey Beeching Bevan French 1948
Mr Ronald Tither Brailsford Physics 1948
Dr Leslie Barton Bruce Medicine 1948
Mr Sidney Bunting Naval Architecture 1948
Reverend Canon John Clifford Penn Cockerton Geography 1948
Mrs Jean Arden Martin McLeod Ordinary Degree 1948
Miss Janet Barbara Gnosspelius Architecture 1948
Mr Harold Neil Hartley Architecture 1948
Dr Donald Norwood Menzies Medicine 1948
Dr Robert Malcolm Love Chemistry 1948
Mr Gilbert Moyes 1948
Dr E G Myerscough 1948
Dr Kathleen Mary Perkins Roby Medicine 1948
Miss Doreen Mary Pugh 1948
Mr Cedric Bertram Fitzsimons Rice Chemistry 1948
Miss Peggy Dorette Jardine Sloan Commerce 1948
Mr Gordon Raymond Smith Civil Engineering 1948
Mr Harold Oliver Spencer Mechanical Engineering 1948
Mr Terence Alexander Stoker Civil Engineering 1948
Dr Brian Godfrey Street Metallurgy 1948
Mr Brian Todd Metallurgy and Materials Science 1948
Mr John George Watterson Ordinary Degree 1948
Mr Wearden 1948
Dr Geoffrey Anthony Harrow Chemistry 1948
Mr Harold Minshull Grace Economics 1948
Mr William Joseph Heyes Bachelor of Science 1948
Dr Peter Ravenhill Electrical Engineering 1948
Mrs Audrey Jean Hocknell Wilson Bachelor of Arts 1948
Mr William Oxburgh Civil Engineering 1948
Mr Michael Noel Whelan Civil Engineering 1948
Mr Anthony Nicholas Ryan History 1948
Mr James Frank Varey Hispanic Studies 1948
Emeritus Professor James Alan Proudlove Civil Engineering 1948
Mr John Derek Peel Chemistry 1948
Mr Douglas Gordon Milroy Civil Engineering 1948
Mr Leslie Monahan Civil Engineering 1948
Mr George James Gordon Griffiths Metallurgy 1948
Mr Henry Brian Horsefield Metallurgy 1948
Mr Harold Frederick John Hadrill Electrical Engineering 1948
Mr Gordon Cecil Pope Electrical Engineering 1948
Mr Ernest Bethwaite Mechanical Engineering 1948
Mr John Sutcliffe Jones Mechanical Engineering 1948
Mr Thomas Anthony Smith History 1948
Mr Richard Colin Norris Chemistry 1948
Mr Frank Geoffrey Johnson Civil Engineering 1948
Dr Henry Thomas Gee Williams Medicine 1948
Emeritus Professor Paul Brenikov Geography 1948
Ms Margaret Roberts Hispanic Studies 1948
Dr Gwyneth Hilda Kendrick Medicine 1948
Mr Alan Frederick Price English Language & Literature 1948
Mr Peter Lee Physics 1948
Mr Thomas Michael Leddy Mathematics 1948
Ms Ida Mary Bristow Bachelor of Arts 1948
Mr Leonard Atherton Ordinary Degree 1948
Mr Puliyur Krishnaswami Duraiswami Orthopaedic Surgery 1948
Ms Maureen Veronica Dougherty Ordinary Degree 1948
Dr Thomas Darlington Williams Physiology 1948
Dr Chuan-Chun Wu Doctor In Philosophy 1948
Mr James Gerard Hopkinson Bachelor of Arts 1948
Ms Stella Priestner Lewis English Language & Literature 1948
Professor Har Gobind Khorana Organic Chemistry 1948
Mrs Jean Lee Matsell English Language & Literature 1948
Mr Ian Scott Melville Architecture 1948
Dr Sheila Nancy Buckley Ruddlesden Physics 1948
Mr John Clifford Santley Ordinary Degree 1948
Professor Alan James Southward Zoology 1948
Dr Harold Mervyn Thomas Medicine 1948
Mr Raymond Peter Thomas History 1948
Ms Elizabeth Ward Bachelor of Arts 1948
Dr Derek Blair Wilkinson Medicine 1948