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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr Oswyn Evans Veterinary Science 1947
Dr James Richmond Holmes Veterinary Science 1947
Major Robert Hunnam Veterinary Science 1947
Dr Oliver Murch Veterinary Science 1947
Mr Peter Eugene Curtis Veterinary Science 1947
Dr Elizabeth Illingworth-Kaplanis Illingworth German 1947
Mr Edmund Thomas Davies Veterinary Science 1947
Mr Peter George Hignett Veterinary Science 1947
Mr Peter Anthony Kerr Veterinary Science 1947
Dr William Lewis Owen Medicine 1947
Dr Elizabeth Rhind Medicine 1947
Dr William Buchanan Smellie Medicine 1947
Dr Leonard Charles Wolfman Medicine 1947
Dr Janet Helen Smellie Mountford Medicine 1947
Mr Roy Harvey Johnstone Law 1947
Ms Ailsa Douglas Macqueen Bachelor of Science 1947
Mr Gerald Rushworth Beech Architecture 1947
Mrs Annie Mavis Bowers Dennis Bachelor of Science 1947
Mr David Gerwyn Llewellyn Veterinary Science 1947
Mr Cyril Jacob Kaplan Orthopaedic Surgery 1947
Mr John Leslie Goldberg Physics 1947
Dr Leon Robinson Medicine 1947
Mr Francis Rossiter Civil Engineering 1947
Mr Keith Aldred Mechanical Engineering 1947
Mr Stanley James Ashton Metallurgy 1947
Dr Francis Garrett Anderson Medicine 1947
Dr Jessie Isabel Anderson Young Medicine 1947
Mr Ralph Downham Naval Architecture 1947
Mrs Phyllis Muriel Smith Roberts Bachelor of Science 1947
Emeritus Professor Gerard Duncan Galletly Civil Engineering 1947
Mr Hubert Alan Glover Civil Engineering 1947
Mrs Ann R I Haigh 1947
Dr Sidney Kalinsky Medicine 1947
Mrs Joyce Margaret Kovachich Butchard Botany 1947
Judge Harry Kushner Law 1947
Mr Brian James McDonald Civil Engineering 1947
Miss Margaret McHutchon Bachelor of Arts 1947
Miss Mary Gertrude McLoughlin History Medieval and Modern 1947
Mrs Elizabeth Martin 1947
Mr John Stanley Millar Architecture 1947
Mr Patrick Desmond Pound Naval Architecture 1947
Mrs Kathleen Robertson Mounfield Mathematics 1947
Dr Harold Leslie Ross 1947
Mrs Dorothy Staats Parker Geography 1947
Miss Mary Taylor Geography 1947
Miss Marjorie Threadgill Bachelor of Arts 1947
Mr Herbert Lester Fairclough Law 1947
Dr Douglas Greig Walker Medicine 1947
Mr Samuel Douglas Lees Architecture 1947
Mrs Kathleen Gertrude Rimmer Newitt 1947
Mr Leslie Herbert Green Veterinary Science 1947
Mr Albert James Horrocks 1947
Mrs Barbara Whalley France Tickle Law 1947
Mr David J McLeod Bachelor of Arts 1947
Mr Richard Raymond Heaton Ball Law 1947
Mr Charles Hesketh Bessex Mechanical Engineering 1947
Dr Gervase Beverley Brown Medicine 1947
Dr Pamela June Alexander Tyson Medicine 1947
Mr John Frederick Griffith Lowe Medieval and Modern History 1947
Dr Peter Reynolds Physics 1947
Mr Thomas Charles Randle Physics 1947
Mr Denys Burrell Charnock Civil Engineering 1947
Mrs Eileen M Marsh Cawte Geography 1947
Mr John Bellairs Coop Mechanical Engineering 1947
Mr Alan Morrell Patterson Electrical Engineering 1947
Professor George L Shires Mechanical Engineering 1947
Mr Stanley Edward Lewis Electrical Engineering 1947
Professor Albert Victor Crewe Physics 1947
Mr Ronald Arthur Dugdale Physics 1947
Professor Stanley Ernest Hunt Physics 1947
Dr Harold Cecil Endbinder Medicine 1947
Dr Bernard Towers Ordinary Degree 1947
Mr Leslie Frederick Ryder 1947
Mrs Marjorie Harriman Jones English Language & Literature 1947
Mr Lyndon Fraser Cave-Brown-Cave Cave-Brown Diploma in Architecture 1947
Mr James Quentin Hughes Architecture 1947
Mrs Jane Jardine Thomas Barnish Architecture 1947
Dr Abraham Jacob Borkin Ordinary Degree 1947
Mr Patrick Byrne Bachelor of Arts 1947
Mr Frederick Fletcher Crossley Bachelor of Education 1947
Ms Manibhai Dahyabhai Desai Orthopaedic Surgery 1947
Mr Bertram Anthony Flack Law 1947
Mr Harry Hartley Malley Mechanical Engineering 1947
Dr Dorothy Magdalen Morris-Jones Medicine 1947
Dr Francis Patrick Lennon Medicine 1947
Mr Joseph Jones Ordinary Degree 1947
Mr Albert William Hopkins History Medieval and Modern 1947
Mr Simon Henley Greek and Latin 1947
Mr Ralph Helliwell Metallurgy 1947
Mr Eric Trenchard Newton Law 1947
Mrs Joan Tremearne Arthur Pickering Law 1947
Mr James Kniveton Prentice Law 1947
Mr Roy Pagel Ordinary Degree 1947
Mr Harry Williams Architecture 1947
Mr John Brian Rogers Bachelor of Science 1947
Ms Olive Thomson Ordinary Degree 1947
Mr Robert Gibbon Tough English Language & Literature 1947
Ms Doreen Wrennall Bachelor of Arts 1947
Mr Joseph Gardner Whitaker Bachelor of Science 1947