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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr Wilfred Beaumont Veterinary Science 1946
Dr Ronald Scarisbrick Veterinary Science 1946
Captain Hugh Cremlyn-Hughes Veterinary Science 1946
Mr William Henry Lloyd Veterinary Science 1946
Mr James Michael Obertelli Veterinary Science 1946
Mrs Susan Parkinson Mills Veterinary Science 1946
Prebendary George Arnold Willis Veterinary Science 1946
Emeritus Professor Robert Roaf Medicine 1946
Mrs Priscilla Mary Cottrell Roaf Certificate in Social Science 1946
Lord David Thomas Gruffydd Evans Law 1946
Mr Thomas Harold Arthur Veterinary Science 1946
Mr Stephen David Samuel Evans Veterinary Science 1946
Mrs Audrey Goldberg Olsen Physics & Mathematics 1946
Emeritus Professor John Henry Leck Electrical Engineering 1946
Dr Leslie Arthur Fairbairn Physics/Mathematics 1946
Dr John Thomas Driver History Medieval and Modern 1946
Miss Barbara Bingham Geography 1946
Mr Lorry Bradbury Daley Research 1946
Mr Kevin George McGuinness Bachelor of Education 1946
Mr Ronald Stanley Scott Geography 1946
Mr John Scarisbrick Jordan Oceanography/Chemistry 1946
Mrs Avril Fishwick Platt Law 1946
Mr Green 1946
Miss Joan Hughes Bachelor of Arts 1946
Dr Sheila Marriner Economics 1946
Mr Albert Edward Naylor Civil Engineering 1946
Miss Ann Katherine Pattison History 1946
Mr Richard Alan Ward Pritchard Mechanical Engineering 1946
Mrs Eileen Margaret Tregunna Buckley Bachelor of Science 1946
Mr Francis Robin Vane Bachelor of Science 1946
Mr Trevor Owen Bachelor of Science 1946
Mr Peter Richard Gough Mechanical Engineering 1946
Mrs Joan Kalinsky Corke 1946
Dr Vivien Helme Medicine 1946
Dr Harold Sydney Levy Medicine 1946
Mr Mark Sorsky Civil Engineering 1946
Mr Harold Leon Waterman Civil Engineering 1946
Miss Edith Mary Sexton Bachelor of Science 1946
Mr William Richard Jones 1946
Mr John Edwin Harriman Mechanical Engineering 1946
Mr Frank Holroyd Civil Engineering 1946
Mr Ronald Daniel Teire Mechanical Engineering 1946
Mrs Irene Curzon Wain Bachelor of Commerce 1946
Dr Hugh Bernard Langford Russell Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 1946
Dr Frank Sheffield Medicine 1946
Miss Brenda Mary Clark Geography 1946
Dr Brian Collinge Bachelor of Science 1946
Mr Albert Edgar Corlett Engineering 1946
Mr Joseph William Ascroft Bachelor of Science 1946
Mr Jasper Twining Bartlett Civil Engineering 1946
Mr Edward Alexander Guthrie Mechanical Engineering 1946
Ms Joan Maria Green Bachelor of Arts 1946
Mr Alfred Gordon Hewitt Engineering 1946
Dr David Thomas Lloyd Hughes Medicine 1946
Ms Janie Clemencie McDougall Bachelor of Arts 1946
Mr Frank Reginald Neubert Medicine 1946
Mr Reginald McCartney Samples Commerce 1946
Ms Margaret Edith Elizabeth Steel Bachelor of Arts 1946
Mr Stephen Eric Sutcliffe Bachelor of Arts 1946
Ms Alice Jones Walmsley French 1946