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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr Clifford Albert Hall Veterinary Science 1945
Dr Kenneth Baker Medicine 1945
Dr Peter Maynard Bretland Medicine 1945
Dr James Horsfall Elliott Carmichael Medicine 1945
Dr Norman Coulshed Medicine 1945
Dr Bertie Dover Medicine 1945
Mr Samuel Lawrence Hewitt Veterinary Science 1945
Mr Peter Nesbitt Hull Veterinary Science 1945
Mr John Kidd Veterinary Science 1945
Dr Lawrence Griffiths Medicine 1945
Dr Joyce Helsby Watson Medicine 1945
Dr Frederick Geoffrey Ince Medicine 1945
Miss Frances Drummond Latin & Ancient History 1945
Dr John Bartlett Roberts Medicine 1945
Dr Robert Glyn Thomas Medicine 1945
Dr James Ward Medicine 1945
Dr Norman Philip Watson Medicine 1945
Mrs Kathleen Jones Howell Economics 1945
Mr Douglas John Wood Law 1945
Miss Mary Eleanor Fazakerley English Language & Literature 1945
Dr William Glyn Roberts Medicine 1945
Dr Aline Nancy Edmondson Wynroe Medicine 1945
Dr Isaac Ansell Doctor of Medicine 1945
Dr George Ansell Medicine 1945
Dr Samuel Beacon Medicine 1945
Dr Peter Broadbent Chemistry 1945
Dr Mat Halley Clark Medicine 1945
Dr George Patterson Reed Medicine 1945
Dr David Harold Johnson Chemistry 1945
Dr Raymond Vondy Kinnish Medicine 1945
Dr Thomas Richard Littler Medicine 1945
Professor Elkan Rex Makin Law 1945
Dr Audrey Margaret Rawlinson Ashcroft Medicine 1945
Mr Gordon Owen Shipton Chemistry 1945
Dr Esme Maria Wren Medicine 1945
Mr Paul Adrian Neal Physics 1945
Dr Denis Taylor Chemistry 1945
Emeritus Professor James Muir Mumford Dentistry 1945
Dr John Alfred O'Garra Medicine 1945
Dr Robert Warton Kennon Medicine 1945
Dr Philip Warner Robertson Medicine 1945
Dr Helen Mary Slack Taylor Medicine 1945
Dr Cecile Nanette Menzies Broster Medicine 1945
Dr Henry Cresswell Graham Medicine 1945
Dr Roger Brearley Medicine 1945
Mrs Jean Patricia Ritter Finch Bachelor of Science 1945
Mr Ronald Eugene Grosvenor Bachelor of Science 1945
Mr Raymond H Fazakerley Civil Engineering 1945
Mrs Brenda Murray McElroy Bachelor of Arts 1945
Mrs Doris Jones Evans Latin 1945
Mrs Lisbeth Lloyd Ridley Bachelor of Arts 1945
Mrs Enid Mumford McFarland Social Science 1945
Dr Helen Angela Cawson Medicine 1945
Dr Norman Loudon Bailey Medicine 1945
Ms Ellen Mary Teresa Duffy English Language & Literature 1945
Ms Edith May Davies French 1945
Dr Jean Learoyd Medicine 1945
Dr Trevor Stansfield Law Medicine 1945
Ms Theresa Lawson English Language & Literature 1945
Mr Cyril McGibbon Medicine 1945
Dr Bryant Rudkin Frisby Medicine 1945
Dr Edward Keith Pierpoint Chemistry 1945
Mr John Charles Preston Bachelor of Arts 1945
Ms Bride Mary Nolasco Power Bachelor of Arts 1945
Mr Wolfgang Rindler Mathematics 1945
Dr Rachael Mary Rawcliffe Medicine 1945
Dr Harold Harry Slack Medicine 1945
Dr Lionel Temkin Medicine 1945
Mrs Mary Ruth Perry Wareham French 1945
Dr Walter Felix Wille Medicine 1945
Dr Edward Alfred Harris Medicine 1945
Dr Arthur Elwyn Pritchard Medicine 1945