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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr Thomas Ormerod Roberts Veterinary Science 1944
Dr Matthew Kenyon Alexander Medicine 1944
Dr Keith Rodney Dumbell Medicine 1944
Dr John Leonard Edmondson Medicine 1944
Mr Peter Gordon Miller Veterinary Science 1944
Dr Hugh Platt Veterinary Science 1944
Mr Bernard Rimmer Veterinary Science 1944
Mr Peter Robinson Veterinary Science 1944
Dr Ivor James Cunningham Frew Medicine 1944
Emeritus Professor Kevin McCarthy Medicine 1944
Dr Edith Mavis McConnell Brown Medicine 1944
Dr Colin Ogilvie Medicine 1944
Mrs Audrey Monica Breen Mallinson 1944
Mr Thomas Andrew Coulton Architecture 1944
Mr Denys Gwynfor Jarvis-Evans Veterinary Science 1944
Dr Denis Craddock Medicine 1944
Mr James Douglas Allender Electrical Engineering 1944
Mr Francis George Irving Civil Engineering 1944
Mrs Olive Keidan Tulloch Social Science 1944
Mr James Stanley Arthur Bachelor of Science 1944
Mr Sydney Roberts Chemistry 1944
Mr Paul Phillips Bachelor of Science 1944
Mrs Marjory Jean Fear Bachelor of Arts 1944
Dr George Alan Garton Bachelor of Science 1944
Dr Gough Hughes Medicine 1944
Dr Trevor Asher Kletz Chemistry 1944
Mr Walter Lea Civil Engineering 1944
Mrs Mary Isabel Marteau Cromarty French 1944
Mr Edward Lewis Mather Electrical Engineering 1944
Mr Robert Nicholas Nicholson Civil Engineering 1944
Mr William Joseph Reiners Science 1944
Mrs Joan Hartland Riley Patrick Geography 1944
Mrs Edna Alice Sherlock Markland Geography 1944
Miss Dorothy Pover Smith Chemistry 1944
Dr John Henry Thomas Chemistry 1944
Dr Richard Charles Turnock Electronic Engineering 1944
Mr Michael Hallawell Widdows Civil Engineering 1944
Mrs Joan Alison Hamilton-Peters Wright Bachelor of Arts 1944
Miss Gwladys Euphemia Morris Botany 1944
Eur Ing Desmond Joseph Kealey Civil Engineering 1944
Mr Patrick Hall Walton Electrical Engineering 1944
Mr Norman Partyn Mechanical Engineering 1944
Mrs Joan Varey Gannicliffe French 1944
Mr John Evans Tudor Veterinary Science 1944
Dr Robert Derek Brooke Williams Medicine 1944
Mr Henry Edwards Veterinary Science 1944
Dr Geoffrey Cyril Ashton Zoology 1944
Dr Eric Sherwood-Jones Medicine 1944
Dr Kenneth Scott Dodgson Ordinary Degree 1944
Ms Dora Bloomer Master of Arts 1944
Ms Jean Braithwaite Ordinary Degree 1944
Miss Margaret Mabel Daphne Dix English Language & Literature 1944
Dr William Thomas Walker Lawson Medicine 1944
Dr Derek Arthur Harbord Ordinary Degree 1944
Mr William Inglis Dunn Scott Doctor of Medicine 1944
Mr James Osborne Tresidder Civil Engineering 1944