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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Dr John Glyn Penrhyn Jones Medicine 1943
Dr Kenneth Hubert Slatter Medicine 1943
Professor Edwin John Hill Ford Veterinary Science 1943
Mr Richard Murray Loosmore Veterinary Science 1943
Dr William Benjamin Ellis Ellis-Jones Medicine 1943
Mr Joseph Oswyn Harries Veterinary Science 1943
Mr Allan Mutch Veterinary Science 1943
Major John Douglas Parkinson Veterinary Science 1943
Mr Cedric Norman Saunders Veterinary Science 1943
Dr Edward Thomas Harrison Medicine 1943
Dr Charles Arthur Hopkins Medicine 1943
Dr Joseph Joel Rivlin Medicine 1943
Dr William Frederick Williams Physics 1943
Miss Winifred Clarkson Bachelor of Arts 1943
Captain Arthur Morris Edwards Veterinary Science 1943
Miss Sylvia Constance Jubb Veterinary Science 1943
Mr Kenneth Gilbert Towers Veterinary Science 1943
Dr Augustus Warren Merrick Medicine 1943
Mrs Dora Lilian Kennifords 1943
Dr Charles Vincent Jones Electrical Engineering 1943
Mrs Gwyneth Carrington Brown Williams Zoology 1943
Mr Brian Mitchell Frazer Law 1943
Mr Basil Smith Veterinary Science 1943
Dr Marcia Skogh McArthur Medicine 1943
Miss Florence Marjorie Jenkins Bachelor of Arts 1943
Dr Jack Gould Medicine 1943
Mr John Charles Mathews Chemistry 1943
Reverend James Warner Radcliffe Civil Engineering 1943
Emeritus Professor John Price Riley Chemistry 1943
Dr Ian Bremner Terrett Geography 1943
Mr Owen Street Mills Chemistry 1943
Mr Albert Frederick Farrand Law 1943
Miss Lucrezia Alexandra Zaina French 1943
Mrs Alice Goodman Latham Bachelor of Arts 1943
Miss Josephine Prestin Reynolds 1943
Mr Brian Seymour Wiggins Chemistry 1943
Dr Jean Corfield Parry Miller Medicine 1943
Mr Arthur Owen Carter Electrical Engineering 1943
Ms Betty E Langshaw French 1943
Mr Ronald Ewart Spencer Dentistry 1943
Ms Anne Mary Adams History Medieval and Modern 1943
Mr John Charles Eastmead McQuillan Ordinary Degree 1943
Mrs Marjorie Lynton Pope Jones Geography 1943
Dr Kenneth Holmes Oldfield Medicine 1943
Dr Edgar Williams Parry Medicine 1943
Mr Bernard Francis Rooney Ordinary Degree 1943
Mr Francis Scanlon Bachelor of Arts 1943
Ms Barbara Joan Seddon Chemistry 1943
Ms Elma Isobel Smith English Language & Literature 1943
Ms Cicely Helen Treleaven French 1943