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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Dr Thomas Edward Gibson Veterinary Science 1942
Mr Ian Gardner Shaw Veterinary Science 1942
Mr Robert Sharp Dugdale Dugdill Veterinary Science 1942
Mr John Walker Barber-Lomax Veterinary Science 1942
Mr James Francis Bolton Veterinary Science 1942
Mr Terry Boundy Veterinary Science 1942
Dr Eric Reeves Carter Medicine 1942
Dr Arthur Samuel Davidson Medicine 1942
Dr Joseph Geoffrey Kerfoot Dean Medicine 1942
Mr William Morris Jones Veterinary Science 1942
Dr Harry Friend Medicine 1942
Dr Elizabeth Rees Schofield Medicine 1942
Dr Alick John Robertson Medicine 1942
Dr Theo Legate Schofield Medicine 1942
Professor Ronald Tunstall Ackroyd Electrical Engineering 1942
Emeritus Professor Frank Atkinson Benson Electrical Engineering 1942
Miss Mary McCreanor Veterinary Science 1942
Mr William Pickin Veterinary Science 1942
Dr Ramakrishnan Subrahmanyan 1942
Mr Kenneth Bannerman Law 1942
Mr Richard Alun Richards Veterinary Science 1942
Mr Kenneth H Carr Law 1942
Mrs Glenys Winifred Flinn 1942
Dr Gilbert William Gibbs Medicine 1942
Mrs Mary Louise Griffiths Lees Dental Surgery 1942
Mrs Kathleen Margaret Morris Woods History Medieval and Modern 1942
Mr Douglas Ian Noble Bachelor of Arts 1942
Mrs Olga Poel Lazarus Life Sciences 1942
Miss Betty Harrison Pownall Bachelor of Science 1942
Mr James Leslie Richardson Chemistry 1942
Mr Kenneth Arthur Shone Mechanical Engineering 1942
Mrs Joyce Isabel Skerrett Plaister Chemistry 1942
Dr Charles Walter Suckling Chemistry 1942
Mrs Mary Josephine Maloney Botany 1942
Mr Aneuryn Lloyd Williams Veterinary Science 1942
Mr Frank William Myerscough Mechanical Engineering 1942
Mr John Michael Tomlinson Dentistry 1942
Mrs Moira Josephine Monk Birrer Bachelor of Arts 1942
Dr Richard Hartley Martin Medicine 1942
Dr Roy Homer Maudsley Medicine 1942
Mr David Alston Bell Civil Engineering 1942
Dr Austin Joseph Marsden 1942
Dr Peter Moss Medicine 1942
Dr Amabel Mary Plumptre Turner Medicine 1942
Dr Rodney Vincent Tracy-Forster 1942
Mrs Muriel Lamont Geography 1942
Mr Michael Henry Coulson Law 1942
Mrs Isabel McCarthy Unsworth Social Science 1942
Dr Hugh Osborne Williams Medicine 1942
Mr John Nicholas Bywell Dental Surgery 1942
Dr James Rex Clarke Chemistry 1942
Dr Margaret Johnston Blackburn Medicine 1942
Dr Herbert Williamson Douglas Chemistry 1942
Ms Eileen Theresa Dougherty Bachelor of Arts 1942
Mr Charles Medcalf Isherwood Engineering 1942
Ms Doreen Ida Eleanor Melhuish Mathematics 1942
Ms Elizabeth Taylor Pitt Norman General Science 1942
Dr Charles David Rosenwald Medicine 1942
Mr John Bruce Smith Mechanical Engineering 1942
Mr Norman John Thompson Civil Engineering 1942
Dr Hilbre Hamilton Watts Medicine 1942