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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Ms Joyce Warham Bachelor of Arts 1941
Mr David Keri Jones Veterinary Science 1941
Mr Alan Arthur Wilson Veterinary Science 1941
Mr Philip John Mitchell Veterinary Science 1941
Mr David Barry Davies Veterinary Science 1941
Dr Charles Vincent Donnelly Medicine 1941
Dr Norman Otway Knight Gibbon Medicine 1941
Dr Mair Eluned Hughes Jones Medicine 1941
Dr Eric Walker Medicine 1941
Colonel William Edward Iredale Armstrong Civil Engineering 1941
Mr George Twist Law 1941
Major Edward Douglas Greenway Veterinary Science 1941
Dr Charles Neville Samuell Medicine 1941
Dr Vera Rosemond Hughes 1941
Mr Eric Adamson Civil Engineering 1941
Dr Thomas Owen Hughes Medicine 1941
Dr Percival Peter Newman Medicine 1941
Mr Alfred Hugh Pinnington Mathematics 1941
Dr Leonard William Poel Bachelor of Science 1941
Mr George Melvin Ward Mechanical Engineering 1941
Mrs Pamela Erica Willis Haighton Certificate in Social Science 1941
Mr Hugh Halbert Ferguson Veterinary Science 1941
Venerable Leonard George Tyler Bachelor of Arts 1941
Mr Cyril Albert Elliott Mechanical Engineering 1941
Dr Charles Pownall Medicine 1941
Dr William James John Curry Physics 1941
Dr Anne Olivia Janet Crichton Social Science 1941
Emeritus Professor Stanley Peerman Hutton Mechanical Engineering 1941
Mrs Mary Long Kerfoot Bachelor of Arts 1941
Mr Richard Charles Bone Bachelor of Arts 1941
Mr Harold Candeland Electrical Engineering 1941
Mr George Francis Cunningham Bachelor of Science 1941
Dr Roland Arthur Allen Medicine 1941
Mr John Barton Dental Surgery 1941
Mr Marinus Johan Damen Bachelor of Science 1941
Dr Henry Edmund Douglas Flack Medicine 1941
Dr Elizabeth Susan Noel Fenton Medicine 1941
Dr Hugh Wulstan Forshaw Medicine 1941
Mr Stanley Gray Engineering 1941
Mr John Heweson Bachelor of Arts 1941
Mr Robert Roland Hughes Medicine 1941
Dr Joan Eleanor Margaret Garland Potts Medicine 1941
Mr Edward Jobey Jones Engineering 1941
Mr Bernhard Anton Maria Kuipers Bachelor of Science 1941
Mr Edward Stanley Kelly Mathematics 1941
Mr Leonard Marmion Civil Engineering 1941
Dr George Davidson Scarrow Medicine 1941
Mr Frank Seale Chemistry 1941
Dr John Milne Swithinbank Medicine 1941
Ms Angela Mary Wright Bachelor of Arts 1941