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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr Roger Barker Hornby Veterinary Science 1940
Mr Dudley Walter Sainsbury Pettett Veterinary Science 1940
Miss Mary Fenwick Scott Veterinary Science 1940
Mrs Ethel Dransfield Smallwood Veterinary Science 1940
Mr Thomas Barker Firth Veterinary Science 1940
Mrs Joan Roberte Wyper McCay Veterinary Science 1940
Dr James Gordon Gow Medicine 1940
Dr Kathleen Mary Helm Walters Medicine 1940
Dr John Rowland Hughes Medicine 1940
Dr George Reginald Wadsworth Medicine 1940
Professor Walter Shepherd Owen Metallurgy and Materials Science 1940
His Honour Judge Anthony Arnold Edmondson Law 1940
Colonel Mary Creagh Bachelor of Arts 1940
Professor John Frank Kermode English Language & Literature 1940
Mr William Edward Cowley Chemistry 1940
Mr Gareth David Lewis Veterinary Science 1940
Mr Peter Turnbull Veterinary Science 1940
Mrs Mary Farmer Little Social Science/Social History 1940
Mr John Hudson Electrical Engineering 1940
Emeritus Professor Clement Workman Jones Mathematics 1940
Mr John Corlett Zoology 1940
Reverend George Cuthbert Williams General Degree 1940
Mr Patrick Peter McCarthy Law 1940
Mrs Joan McGuinness Drummond Botany 1940
Mrs Elizabeth Hall Colquhoun French 1940
Mr Roderick Neville Winstanl Kay Civil Engineering 1940
The Honorable Frank David Paterson Law 1940
Mr Walter Arnold Robshaw Chemistry 1940
Mr Thomas Joseph Lunt Bachelor of Science 1940
Mr Gerald Willam Jordan Civil Engineering 1940
Dr Arthur Philip Wade Biochemistry 1940
Miss Marjorie Helene Gray French 1940
Ms Lucy Isobel Wright Law 1940
Emeritus Professor Miriam Allott Farris Bachelor of Arts 1940
Mr Herbert Catlow Biochemistry 1940
Mr William Francis Coulshed Electrical Engineering 1940
Mr Kenneth Cranston Dental Surgery 1940
Mr Clifford Vernon Abbott Mathematics 1940
Dr Donald Atherton General Degree 1940
Dr Samuel Crossley Barnes Medicine 1940
Dr Harold Garton Emblem Chemistry 1940
Mr Stanley Fenemore General Degree 1940
Ms Joyce Elizabeth Harley Bachelor of Science 1940
Mr Herbert Howard Electrical Engineering 1940
Mr James Little Architecture 1940
Mr Harold Kay Bachelor of Science 1940
Mr Herbert Henry Mountfield Bachelor of Arts 1940
Dr Joan Macara Medicine 1940
Mr Peter Nigel Neville Electrical Engineering 1940
Ms Mary Teresa O'Hara Bachelor of Arts 1940
Dr William Henry Penley Doctor In Philosophy 1940
Mr Kyle James Fulton Civil Engineering 1940
Dr Kate Elaine Rymer Medicine 1940
Mr William Stanley Whittingham Civil Engineering 1940