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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Professor Geoffrey Herbert Arthur Veterinary Science 1939
Mr James Whitaker Dransfield Veterinary Science 1939
Mr William Henry France Veterinary Science 1939
Dr Robert Morris Evans Medicine 1939
Mr John Arthur Moss Veterinary Science 1939
Mr Denis Osborne Sutton Veterinary Science 1939
Dr Eleanor Maud Hamilton Pearson Medicine 1939
Dr John Michael Marchant Medicine 1939
Mr Robert Raymond Hebson Law 1939
Mrs Lilian Marjorie Eileen Ballance Melhuish Physics/Mathematics 1939
Mr Edwin John Hodgkinson Veterinary Science 1939
Dr Olivia Susan Crosthwaite Turner Medicine 1939
Miss Veronica Mary Hughes 1939
Dr William Edward Coates Medicine 1939
Dr Cecil David Alergant Medicine 1939
Mr Arthur Ormerod Cowper Law 1939
Mr Gervase Henry Lees Dentistry 1939
Dr Lucy Mary Martinez Sutcliffe Medicine 1939
Miss Teresa Margaret Richmond Bachelor of Arts 1939
Mr John Arthur Roberts Electrical Engineering 1939
Mr Geoffrey Vincent Turner 1939
Emeritus Professor Henry R Wilkinson 1939
Mr Kenneth Exley Physics 1939
Mr Joseph Aloysius Monk 1939
Sir Roger Talbot Walters Architecture 1939
Mr James Kenneth Hyde Chemistry 1939
Professor Samuel Victor Perry Biochemistry 1939
Mr Richard Guest Engineering 1939