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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr Frank Edward Lockwood Dentistry 1938
Mr Ronald Benjamin Wood Veterinary Science 1938
Dr Joyce Mary Owen Scholefield Medicine 1938
Sir Bernard Caulfield Law 1938
Mrs Mary Marguerita Renee Adamson Diamond Education, General 1938
Mr Arthur Bernard Hillan Electrical Engineering 1938
Mr Gerard Francis Ibison 1938
Mr William Alexander Iland German 1938
Mr Norman Barker Law 1938
Dr Benjamin Carruthers Medicine 1938
Mr William Evans Bachelor of Arts 1938
Mrs Marjorie Jones Reynolds Bachelor of Arts 1938
Reverend Bernard Ewart Jones 1938
Mr Douglas Malcolm Kermode Law 1938
Mrs Alice Isobel Pickavance Boulton 1938
Mrs Lillian Joyce Taylor Mitchell Law 1938
Mr Norman Jones Lamb Hispanic Studies 1938
Professor John C J Metford 1938
Mr Albert Edmund Jackson Engineering 1938
Mr John French Ryan Veterinary Science 1938
Mrs Eileen Elizabeth Gidney Bushell English Language & Literature 1938
Mr Niels Cecil Hojgaard Civil Engineering 1938