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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mrs Kathleen Mary Young Massey Veterinary Science 1937
Mr Frederick Peter Lawton Veterinary Science 1937
Professor T Cecil Gray Medicine 1937
Dr John Howell Hughes Medicine 1937
Emeritus Professor Trevor Walworth Goodwin Biochemistry 1937
Emeritus Professor Ronald Lewis Hartles 1937
Emeritus Professor John Riley Holt 1937
Professor Frank Ewart Lawton Dentistry 1937
Mrs Joan Bone Wilson Bachelor of Science 1937
Dr Solomon Bender Medicine 1937
Mrs Winifred Roscoe Bachelor of Science 1937
Mr James Raymond Ellis Law 1937
Mr Stuart Lloyd Jones Law 1937
Miss Janet Estelle Stead Social Science/Social History 1937
Mrs Myfanwy Glesyn MacPhee English Language & Literature 1937
Mr William Norman Bruce George Architecture 1937
Mr Emmanuel Milton Mannheim Law 1937
Mr Denis Byrne Harrison Law 1937
Mr George Joseph Bean Law 1937
Mr George Alfred Henry Gamble Bachelor of Engineering 1937
Mr Stanley Martin Rush English Language & Literature 1937
Mr Abdol-Hossein Abdi Daneshpour Commerce 1937