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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mrs Victoire Ducker Tillemont-Thomason Veterinary Science 1935
Mr Harold Coates Civil Engineering 1935
Dr Jessie Davies Young French 1935
Mrs Margery Elizabeth Beckett Veterinary Science 1935
Mrs Rosemary Ransome Bridges Veterinary Science 1935
Mr George Beresford Edwards Veterinary Science 1935
Mr Thomas Edmund Hey Veterinary Science 1935
The Honorable Rose Heilbron Law 1935
Mr Robert Leslie Adam Law 1935
Dr Margery Bryson Baillie Bachelor of Science 1935
Dr Arthur Clifford Brewer Medicine 1935
Mr William Ronald Archer Ellis Geography 1935
Mrs Mary Jennings Frood Sanderson Geography 1935
Mr John E Gregory 1935
Mr Kenneth McKay Classics 1935
Mrs Joyce Margaret Kathleen Morgan Melhuish Chemistry 1935
Mr William John Outram Electrical Engineering 1935
Ms Joan Wilson Kirby Architecture 1935
Mr Leland Milner Tunnicliffe 1935