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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Mr Leslie William Macbryde Alexander Architecture 1934
Mrs Mary Crawhall Baker Clay Veterinary Science 1934
Professor George Edward Maurice Hallett Dentistry 1934
Mr Chia Harry Kirwan Law 1934
Mr John Charles Baird Veterinary Science 1934
Mr George Henry Mann Law 1934
Professor John Meek Electrical Engineering 1934
Mr Walter William Mills Electrical Engineering 1934
Miss Stella Rosemary Pope Classics 1934
Mr Robert Bernard Stevenson Mathematical Sci With Physics 1934
Mr John Crosby Veale Civil Engineering 1934
Sir Leonard Redshaw Naval Architecture 1934
Professor Cyril Philips 1934
Mr Abraham Daniel Abrahamson Law 1934
Miss Doris Parkinson Geography 1934