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Title First Name Middle Name Surname Former Name Subject Year Action
Major Alastair George Limont Veterinary Science 1932
Mr John Edwardson Veterinary Science 1932
Dr Henry Vincent Corbett Medicine 1932
Dr John Lawrence Patton Medicine 1932
Dr Denys Wainwright Medicine 1932
Mr Frank Edward Ireland Chemistry 1932
Colonel James Graeme Bryson Law 1932
Mr George Clark Bachelor of Science 1932
Sir Albert Edward Edwards Veterinary Science 1932
Reverend Ian Ralph Matheson Latto Bachelor of Arts 1932
Mrs Kathleen Mary Bentley West 1932
Dr John Frederick Foulkes Medicine 1932
Mr George Hansel Sykes Routledge Law 1932
Mr William Henry Shields History 1932
Mr Robert Henry Shaw Architecture 1932
Mr Alwyn Gwilym Sheppard Fidler Architecture 1932
Mr Austin Cyril Thomas Bachelor of Arts 1932
Mr Norman Wilson Allison Physics 1932
Mr Leslie Woods Chemistry 1932
Mr Kenneth Ashbrooke Smith Bachelor of Science 1932
Mr John Joseph Martin History Medieval and Modern 1932