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I had tried contacting Bernadette via social media etc, as I was a friend of hers many years ago in Liverpool, and often wondered what had happened to her, do you have any further information on when she passed away, and where? such devavstating news as I got to know her well and though we lost contact often thought of her.

Chris Holding on 10/11/2014

I'm so, so sorry to learn that Bernadette has passed away. I met her while volunteering for Student Community Action and was struck by her humour and intelligence; she was so well-read and adored her indie music. We lived together in Edge Hill between 1989-1990 and I can look back at that time with so many fond memories. We lost touch after graduating (sadly) but I'd always hoped that we would meet again someday. RIP Bernadette xxx

Joanne Lake (Was Parker) on 25/02/2017